Elite Brows, Permanent Make Up in Kent & Sussex for your Eyes, Lips & Brows

Welcome to Elite Brows! I am a professional permanent make-up artist who trained with the leading permanent make up company in the UK, Nouveau Contour and fully licensed.

Would you like to know how to wake up looking glamorous and gorgeous? If your answer is “yes” then Permanent make up is the right choice for you.

Permanent make up is a convenient and beautiful way of looking great without any hassle. This form of makeup existed thousands of years ago, the Egyptians added their unique style to it. Permanent make up has evolved over a period of time, and in today’s world it is an easy and a quick solution to enhance your looks.

Follow this link to see some amazing before and after photos of my clients

Permanent make up for eyebrows

Well shaped eyebrows make you look young and gorgeous, without the need for surgery or fillers. If you desire to have more fullness of the brows you will love this procedure. Those who used to apply pencil, can now go swimming, play sports or touch their forehead without the embarrassment of losing their eyebrows. Read More →

Permanent make up for eyes

Lash enhancement not only makes you look younger but also adds to your beauty. This beautiful procedure makes your lashes look fuller and longer, which frames your eyes, thereby making you look more refreshed, awake and gorgeous with no effort. That’s without using mascara, eyelash extensions or false eyelashes. Read More →

Permanent make up for lips

Do you wish that your lips looked more plump and well-shaped? We all have our reasons. Plump lips boost your confidence besides making you look stunning. As we age our lips loose colour, shape and definition. With our lip enhancement procedure you will have a youthful and kissable look, once again. Read More →
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